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World Vision fills the hole in Hamida’s heart March 09, 2016

When a hole in Hamida’s heart was found her parents gave up hope. But because of World Vision child sponsorship, Hamida’s story didn’t end there.

Clean Water in Action March 03, 2016

Did you know that World Vision reaches a new person with clean water every 30 seconds?

World Vision puts more euros into programmes that benefit children and communities than any other charity; like this borehole in Tanzania.

Risking your life to give life February 25, 2016

Mother of three boys and World Vision Ireland’s Head of Communications, Niamh Cooper, tries to comprehend what it is like to give birth in the world’s most dangerous place to have a baby, following a visit to Sierra Leone’s remotest parts last week.

A Call to End Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya February 06, 2016

Today is February 6th and it’s the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation. Unfortunately, female genital mutilation is still a problem in many parts of the world. Here is some more information about this unjust practice and efforts to stop it in Kenya:

Year in Review January 19, 2016

Before we start a brand new year, it’s important that we look back at 2015, a very emotional one.

In 2016, World Vision and our supporters will continue to make a real difference in the world. So let’s reflect on the year passed and learn.

The Silent but Lethal Crisis Looming December 17, 2015

While the world’s attention has been focussed on the escalating conflict in Syria, another humanitarian crisis is silently unfolding which threatens the lives of an even greater number of people across the globe.

What does it mean to be human? December 10, 2015

Today is Human Rights Day 2015, a day to remember people of all cultures, faiths & genders still fighting for their rights.

World Aids Day 2015 December 01, 2015

World Aids Day is to unite in the fight against HIV, raise awareness, support people living with HIV, and to commemorate individuals who have died of HIV.

The Safety of Children Undermined by Violence in Central African Republic November 30, 2015

The recruitment of child soldiers and escalation of child sexual abuse cases is rampant across the Central African Republic (CAR) following a new wave of violence in the past fortnight.

World Pneumonia Day 2015 November 12, 2015

Today, November 12th, is World Pneumonia Day. Today is a day to highlight and raise awareness of the size and scale of an utterly preventable, but still all too common, cause of childhood death.

Working Together: The Key to Stopping Deadly Ebola Virus October 22, 2015

One year since the worst Ebola outbreak was declared across West Africa, World Vision has hailed its collaborative work with Sierra Leone communities as being instrumental in averting the catastrophic spread of the virus.

“We want to learn – even during war” October 16, 2015

400,000 students drop out of school as humanitarian agencies cry out for better commitment to education in South Sudan. 

World Food Day 2015 October 16, 2015

This World Food Day, World Vision reflects on how food is deciding children's futures in Asia.

Changing the Odds in Sierra Leone October 08, 2015

Hawa was distraught having lost 2 babies due to birth complications so she turned to World Vision Health worker Alice for advice. Now her and new baby Lucy are happy and healthy.

Carrying the Burden: Srey’s story October 05, 2015

There are 168 million child labourers worldwide, Srey is one of them and is involved in the worst forms of child labour – like manufacturing. It’s backbreaking labour and it’s not meant for a 13-year-old girl.

Searing Heatwave Puts Children at Risk October 01, 2015

Close to a million children in Iraq refugee camps face severe water shortages as sandstorms and heatwave hit the Middle East.

A Day I Will Never Forget September 21, 2015

Mona, a World Vision Lebanon volunteer, experiences first-hand the terrible working conditions many Syrian refugees are forced to work in to eke out a living having fled their homes.

Improving hygiene and sanitary conditions at schools in Jordan April 23, 2015

To enable students to thrive in their education and be able to use restrooms whenever they needed, without having to worry of the hygienic conditions inside, World Vision helped 100 schools in Jordan, through its hygiene rehabilitation programme.

Bringing Water Closer to Home April 16, 2015

Ten-year-old Violet has a reason to celebrate. Thanks to a new well drilled in her village by World Vision, she's now seen the last of her family's water worries. 

Children in Zomba, Worried that Floods may Cause Hunger January 27, 2015

Children of Chingale community, Malawi, are worried that with most of their gardens washed away, there might be very little of even nothing to harvest, a thing which they believe will affect their education.

World Vision helps to Combat Cholera in Flooded Areas January 25, 2015

Flooding in Malawi has tragically claimed the lives of more than 100 people, and left thousands more homeless. World Vision has on-going programmes in many of the flood-hit areas and is working to support children and their families who have been impacted.

“Spilling-The-Beans” - AfroPop Music Video on Healthy Eating December 19, 2014

Rwanda’s top musicians promote beans, a nutritious food that improves children’s and women’s health! 

Saving Lives in Sierra Leone November 21, 2014

Isata has been registered with World Vision Ireland’s AIM Health Programme* for over 2 years now and to say that this Programme has greatly impacted her life is an understatement. Here is her story

World Vision’s Magnus Conteh on the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa November 20, 2014

The Ebola Outbreak that is currently ravaging the Western African Region, particularly Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The general public, health services and governments of these countries have never experienced such a public health calamity and were in no way prepared for it.

Despite the Ebola outbreak….I am still learning November 14, 2014

As school remains closed for the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, the Radio and TV Teaching Programme started in October help the children while they are at home idling, which can lead to other problems.

Fears for the Future, as Ebola Keeps Children at Home November 10, 2014

“I really want this Ebola virus to come to an end. It has affected our education, social activities, restricted movements, and is keeping us away from our friends" says Zainab, 12.

What’s Men Got To Do With It? November 07, 2014

In rural African communities where the head of the household, which in most cases is male, makes the majority of family decisions, the  simple,  yet  sometimes culturally acceptable, decisions that a man makes can impose huge health consequences on his wife

World Vision Senegal assists the government to have control over the Ebola threat October 20, 2014

World Vision Senegal has donated 107,181 USD to the government of Senegal to use it for awareness and sensitisation campaigns in the most vulnerable areas  

AIM Health – Changing Women’s Lives October 09, 2014

Did you know that every 2 minutes a woman dies from pregnancy or child birth related complications? This amounts to over 280,000 women dying needlessly every year!