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Kumila the journalist, India January 27, 2017

Though Kumila grew up belonging to a marginalised community and confined by poverty, she still dreamt big. Today, the 26-year-old former sponsored child has graduated from university and works as a local news anchor.

India: Through education I will achieve my goal – Rohit, age 14 December 02, 2016

They call me ‘bones’ and ‘shrivelled’. It hurts very badly, but I just have to walk away. Such days I regret existing. Whenever I have a bad day or feel defeated, I question God. Why me? What are you punishing me for? What did I do to deserve being made this way? 

For the Love of the Game: Increasing Girls’ Access to Sport in India August 26, 2016

World Vision has changed our lives. As a woman, I would barely even step out of our home, as was the custom,” says Paramjeet. “Today I am part of a Self-Help Group set up by World Vision, involved with many activities, and my daughter even travels to town on her own for her badminton practices.

Breaking Barriers February 09, 2016

Kousalya is preparing the afternoon meal for over 60 children, as part of World Vision India’s UMANG feeding programme designed to address the high rates of malnutrition across India. But she is also breaking down one of the oldest social evils that the nation still struggles with, the Caste system. 

Will you be my friend? January 25, 2016

After a natural disaster, children are amongst the most vulnerable victims. At such times, all they need is a good friend. World Vision's Child-Friendly Spaces aim to be just that.

All Children Need to be Loved and Accepted June 01, 2015

9-year-old Badal is a special needs student. Having been ridiculed and made fun of growing up, he became shy and quiet. But he was finally able to live a normal life after going to a World Vision Centre. 

A Stitch in Time Empowers February 11, 2015

Through World Vision training programmes, Indian women receive training in tailoring as well as sewing machines, empowering them to open their own tailor shops and inspire the next generation. Read more