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Working towards a #hungerfree world: Food for good health October 05, 2017

We all know how it feels when our stomachs rumble from general hunger, but we cannot imagine effects of actual, prolonged hunger, starvation and malnutrition. This is a reality for over 100 million people around the world, who are facing a hunger crisis. 

Families eat bird’s food to survive El Nino August 12, 2016

Agriculture is the main livelihood in Malawi but due to severe drought, farming has been seriously affected. According to the assessment conducted by UN, about 2.8 million of the population won’t be able to meet their annual food requirements during the 2015/2016 consumption period.  

The El Ñino phenomenon – How the extreme weather is impacting millions July 08, 2016

El Niño is a warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific. It happens every two to seven years. Its impact on global weather patterns means an increase in droughts and floods. In Africa the droughts in Southern and Eastern Africa existing conditions have been exasperated by El Niño  and has left millions of children in need. El Niño is also leading to droughts in the Pacific Islands and Central America.

Helping children survive crisis June 14, 2016

World Vision have set up Stabilisation Centres with the Government of Ethiopia to treat malnourished and sick children affected by the drought in Ethiopia.

Top 4 things children need to grow up healthy May 19, 2016

Here are the top 4 things that all children need from an early age to ensure they grow up healthy.

Let’s hatch a plan! May 04, 2016

We are working to improve the availability and accessibility of nutritious foods  to support a nutrient rich diet by promoting home production of micronutrient rich food sources.

The Power of Soy January 21, 2016

In a community in Burundi, within two years soymilk cut their malnutrition rate in half. See how, and the difference it's making for these children and their entire community.

How do you tackle malnutrition? Give children a healthy breakfast April 07, 2015

It smells delicious. 

Teacher Anong drops carrots and gourds into a pot of boiling water with minced pork – steam surrounding her as she stirs the soup.

When she turns off the stove, the soup is dished into 17 plates. 

Other food – slices of oranges and cups of milk are placed on the table. Soon, all five food groups are covered and the children start arriving.

This is the first meal of the day for these preschoolers, ranging from...

Children in Zomba, Worried that Floods may Cause Hunger January 27, 2015

Children of Chingale community, Malawi, are worried that with most of their gardens washed away, there might be very little of even nothing to harvest, a thing which they believe will affect their education.

Overcoming Under-nutrition November 26, 2014

Under-nutrition can also occur in areas without food shortages, simply because parents are not aware of the right types of food to feed their children. World Vision Ireland’s AIM Health Programme* is working hard to overcome this issue.