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Meet Sarah, the Midwife March 16, 2017

Strong women are everywhere. Midwife at the Lunyo Health Centre III in Busia District, Uganda , Sarah Naguku is the mother of two boys (8 and 4). The afternoon we met her, she had left them with her own mother so she could come to work.

Meet Angella and Deborah, World Vision Uganda Staff March 16, 2017

Strong women are everywhere. I have seen how courteous, respectful and understanding were both Angella and Deborah were with the respective communities in Busitema and Lunyo they work with. Mothers trusted them and loved them.

Meet the Mums of Busitema March 16, 2017

Strong women are everywhere.  “Knowledge is power” they say. The afternoon spent in Busitema, in the Busia District was enough to see that not only knowledge is power, but that knowledge is saving lives.

Community Health Workers are the local heroes in Sierra Leone April 07, 2016

Despite her own fears and that of her family, she chose to do this work as she felt it was her duty as a Community Health Worker to protect her community from sickness and disease

Our Innovative Work Using Mobile Phones to Support New Mums has Won Awards March 03, 2016

World Vision has won an ehealth award because of their innovative approach in the use of mobile phones to help in maternal health

Risking your life to give life February 25, 2016

Mother of three boys and World Vision Ireland’s Head of Communications, Niamh Cooper, tries to comprehend what it is like to give birth in the world’s most dangerous place to have a baby, following a visit to Sierra Leone’s remotest parts last week.

A Man’s role in promoting Infant and Maternal health February 24, 2016

‘Men,  I  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity  to  extend  your formal invitation.  Gender equality is your issue too’

Making a difference February 23, 2016

Can you imagine how it must feel to save a life? Not as a doctor in a fully equipped hospital or a paramedic at the scene of an accident. But as a volunteer on a remote island, with no doctors, no emergency transport and what is often the case, very few medical supplies!

Saving Lives in Sierra Leone February 23, 2016

Isata Barnett is registered with World Vision’s AIM Health programme and is an example of how life saving  the programme is, as it kept her alive during her pregnancy when she was in need of surgery.