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Community health workers saving lives January 09, 2017

Community Health Workers trained by World Vision Jerusalem West Bank Gaza are having a life-saving impact. 

Eman’s story January 09, 2017

29-year-old Eman is from a remote village outside Bethlehem, central West Bank. She has seven daughters all now registered in World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Programme.

Business now booms for small business owner January 09, 2017

When 52-year-old Baisma’s husband lost his job and her son was diagnosed with kidney failure, she needed to find a way to support her family. She started her own business baking bread and pastries on a small-scale in northern West Bank. 

Livelihoods restored in Gaza January 09, 2017

World Vision Gaza worked with communities to rehabilitate damaged lands, replant crops and repair and rebuild greenhouses and wells. As a consequence, more than 1,000 families have been able resume their livelihoods.

Partnering to provide early childhood education January 09, 2017

Korza is a small village in southern West Bank. Previously, it had no kindergarten meaning the Palestinian children living there had to either travel up to 10 kilometers to the closest one or missed out entirely.

Tackling youth unemployment in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza January 09, 2017

Youth unemployment in Palestine is a significant issue. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Palestinian children face bleak job prospects when they grow up. Currently, 40 per cent of young men and 63 per cent of young women are struggling to find work.

Gaza’s children receive psychosocial support and remedial education January 09, 2017

Shahd used to live with her parents and siblings in a small house. However, during the war, it and her school were both destroyed. Her father also lost his job and the family became dependent on aid from World Vision Gaza and others.

Learning difficulty no barrier to success January 09, 2017

World Vision partnered with the Palestine Ministry of Education in Jenin, West Bank to develop the remedial classes for Palestinian children and engage new teaching graduates to run the lessons. 

West Bank’s solar-powered schools January 09, 2017

World Vision’s ‘Toward Sustainable Energy in Palestine’ project is providing enough power to run 40 schools in West Bank.