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Mary’s night of fear turns to peace – The story of a little girl’s journey from war to refuge October 28, 2016

The sound of the guns pierced through the pitch-black quiet of the South Sudanese night. Mary wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but she was terrified. South Sudan’s conflict had arrived in her village and the rebels were taking over. Screams, shots, and people running in all directions interrupted the eight-year-old girl’s sleep. It was chaos. As the rebels made their way through the village, killing everyone they came across, Mary and her family managed to flee, leaving all of their belongings behind. This is her story.

Leonard’s sacrifice July 16, 2016

When Leonard’s family ran out of maize, they didn’t have enough money to buy food. Leonard, the eldest of six children, dropped out of school to help his mother earn an income. At just 13, he was forced to sacrifice his education so his siblings could eat.