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Mobile app puts valuable information in farmers’ pockets August 16, 2017

Marguerite has been struggling to raise her four children since her husband died. A lack of resources and training prevented her from harvesting enough to support her family – until recently.

Smartphones and gas stoves in rural Rwanda January 12, 2017

When you think of rural farming communities in Africa, do you picture technologies like smartphones and kitchens with gas stoves? See how innovative technologies are changing the way people farm and cook in Rwanda!

Interview with Graham Davison, inspirational Irish Humanitarian August 18, 2015

On World Humanitarian Day we are shining the spotlight on an inspirational Irish humanitarian who has managed many humanitarian crisis responses across the world - World Vision Ireland Head of Programmes, Graham Davison

“Spilling-The-Beans” - AfroPop Music Video on Healthy Eating December 19, 2014

Rwanda’s top musicians promote beans, a nutritious food that improves children’s and women’s health!