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Menstrual Hygiene May 25, 2017

Menstrual hygiene is vital to keep girls healthy and in school worldwide. It is important to understand that menstruation hygiene enables women and girls to reach life's fullest potential. 

Makira a water, sanitation, and hygiene champion March 16, 2017

For the past three years, Patrick has given his time and energy to help communities and schools in Makira’s Weather Coast in the Solomon Islands to build their water supply and sanitation. 

Six things children need after an emergency – in their own words July 03, 2016

Over ten years, after emergencies in 15 different countries, World Vision spoke to more than 11,000 children aged 5-17. This is what they told us.

Access to Clean Water Would Have Saved Wise, 5, From Drowning July 06, 2015

Francis lost his cousin and best friend, Wise, 10 years ago when Wise drowned while the boys gathered water from an open, dirty hole. Francis and Wise’s mother mourn how the boy’s death could have been avoided — if they had had access to clean water.

Improving hygiene and sanitary conditions at schools in Jordan April 23, 2015

To enable students to thrive in their education and be able to use restrooms whenever they needed, without having to worry of the hygienic conditions inside, World Vision helped 100 schools in Jordan, through its hygiene rehabilitation programme.

Bringing Water Closer to Home April 16, 2015

Ten-year-old Violet has a reason to celebrate. Thanks to a new well drilled in her village by World Vision, she's now seen the last of her family's water worries.