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Sierra Leone mudslide: World Vision targets children in rescue effort August 16, 2017

More than 300 people have been killed and hundreds more are still missing after torrential rains on the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown

Children the First Line of Defense –Early Marriage in Imperi July 17, 2016

Imperi ADP in Sierra Leone has continued to establish and strengthen Children’s Clubs, where children learn life skills and discuss important issues in their lives, including issues around child protection. A story from Maloma Kids Club highlights the impact these clubs can have in changing children's lives. 

Doctor’s Day March 30, 2016

Meet Monica Barnett from Sherbro Island in Sierra Leone. Monica was named after the doctor that saved her life. 

Risking your life to give life February 25, 2016

Mother of three boys and World Vision Ireland’s Head of Communications, Niamh Cooper, tries to comprehend what it is like to give birth in the world’s most dangerous place to have a baby, following a visit to Sierra Leone’s remotest parts last week.

Making a difference February 23, 2016

Can you imagine how it must feel to save a life? Not as a doctor in a fully equipped hospital or a paramedic at the scene of an accident. But as a volunteer on a remote island, with no doctors, no emergency transport and what is often the case, very few medical supplies!

Saving Lives in Sierra Leone February 23, 2016

Isata Barnett is registered with World Vision’s AIM Health programme and is an example of how life saving  the programme is, as it kept her alive during her pregnancy when she was in need of surgery.

How the humble radio helped educate children during the Ebola crisis February 13, 2016

In 2014 almost everything in Sierra Leone had to be shut down because of the Ebola epidemic. This included schools. Children had been severely impacted by the crisis and many of those who lost family members, now also risked losing out on education too.

World Vision, along with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, decided to make sure that children could still attend their lessons, at home, using a radio.

Year in Review January 19, 2016

Before we start a brand new year, it’s important that we look back at 2015, a very emotional one.

In 2016, World Vision and our supporters will continue to make a real difference in the world. So let’s reflect on the year passed and learn.

Working Together: The Key to Stopping Deadly Ebola Virus October 22, 2015

One year since the worst Ebola outbreak was declared across West Africa, World Vision has hailed its collaborative work with Sierra Leone communities as being instrumental in averting the catastrophic spread of the virus.

Changing the Odds in Sierra Leone October 08, 2015

Hawa was distraught having lost 2 babies due to birth complications so she turned to World Vision Health worker Alice for advice. Now her and new baby Lucy are happy and healthy.

Ebola survivor brings dignity to child burial June 09, 2015

Maseray Kamara knows Ebola's toll firsthand. The virus took her husband and sister during its rampage through Sierra Leone. Ebola struck her as well, but she survived.

Ebola Crisis: World Vision burial team wins humanitarian award June 07, 2015

Grace Kargbo, a World Vision Sierra Leone burial team manager, accepted the Bond International Humanitarian Award in London on Monday, June 1st, on behalf of her colleague Maseray Kamara and more than 800 other burial workers as well as the World Vision-led aid consortium that trained and equipped them.

The real cost of being a burial worker in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak June 04, 2015

For three local heroes in Sierra Leone, who have dedicated their lives to helping their country overcome the deadly Ebola virus, life has become a lonely and dangerous existence. From being attacked on the street to being completely abandoned and rejected by their families and friends, they have seen it all. But they will never give up! 

Sierra Leone: Ebola closes schools, imperils students’ future February 18, 2015

Schools are closed in Sierra Leone because of the Ebola virus. Twelve-year-old Zainab worries about falling behind in learning. She and her mother say children may become dropouts or child brides if they are out of school for long.

Saving Lives in Sierra Leone November 21, 2014

Isata has been registered with World Vision Ireland’s AIM Health Programme* for over 2 years now and to say that this Programme has greatly impacted her life is an understatement. Here is her story

World Vision’s Magnus Conteh on the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa November 20, 2014

The Ebola Outbreak that is currently ravaging the Western African Region, particularly Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The general public, health services and governments of these countries have never experienced such a public health calamity and were in no way prepared for it.

What’s Men Got To Do With It? November 07, 2014

In rural African communities where the head of the household, which in most cases is male, makes the majority of family decisions, the  simple,  yet  sometimes culturally acceptable, decisions that a man makes can impose huge health consequences on his wife

World Vision Senegal assists the government to have control over the Ebola threat October 20, 2014

World Vision Senegal has donated 107,181 USD to the government of Senegal to use it for awareness and sensitisation campaigns in the most vulnerable areas