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Video of RTÉ reporter Ray Kennedy’s visit to South Sudan with World Vision May 03, 2018

RTÉ reporter Ray Kennedy and cameraman Paul Daniel report from a camp run by the United Nations outside the capital city of Juba.

UN High Commissioner Filippo Grandi visits Imvepi refugee settlement, appeals to South Sudan leaders February 02, 2018

The UNHCR chief visited northern Uganda’s Imvepi refugee settlement this week, flanked by several key dignitaries including Uganda’s commissioner for refugees Apollo Kazungu.

Gardening restores hope for displaced families in South Sudan January 19, 2018

A World Vision food security project is helping thousands of displaced people grow their own food.

Delivering Food: The story of a South Sudanese refugee January 04, 2018

At 36, Martha Jamsi has lived three lives.  There was the one before her sister was shot, the years of her marriage in South Sudan and now as a leader of the refugee community in Kakuma, in northern Kenya. She currently works with World Vision distributing food to 140,000 people in Kakuma refugee camp.  

Eva’s Story December 15, 2017

A South Sudanese refugee explains how she is making a life for herself (and her sisters) in Uganda...

A Decent Home after 25 Years in a Cemetery December 12, 2017

At Juba’s St. Mary’s Cemetery in Hai Cinema, an estimated 100 displaced families including 500 children live in dilapidated temporary shelters made of old tarpaulins and polythene bags. 

World Vision is providing families of six the equivalent of $45 US cash each month. September 18, 2017

The cash is working wonders, restoring hope for people who have seen hopeless situations.

Dreaming of peace, reliving a nightmare - South Sudanese teenager remains a refugee August 03, 2017

It was a moment of elation. The eight years of living as an outsider in another country were over. Goodbye crowded quarters. So long food rations. Farewell endless queues to access water.

New family, new hope: how South Sudan’s refugee children are looking to the future August 02, 2017

Ben and his wife Beatrice were forced to flee Juba, the capital of South Sudan, with their six children when fighting broke out last year. They now live in the Imvepi refugee settlement in northern Uganda, alongside 125,000 other South Sudanese refugees.

Refugees helping refugees: Foster families providing homes to unaccompanied children July 24, 2017

In northern Uganda, the concept of family is being redefined. South Sudanese children who have escaped conflict have arrived as refugees, often alone and without the accompaniment of an adult. 

South Sudan’s Refugees: Eva’s Story July 24, 2017

Just 16 years old, Eva* is three months pregnant. Still a child, she should be going to school, playing with friends and without a care in the world. 

Young South Sudanese entrepreneurs rise from the refugee settlements July 07, 2017

He escaped to Uganda from South Sudan with his mother and five siblings. At 18, Lucky Jackson became a breadwinner when his father died during an attack by armed men.

Meet 8 future leaders of South Sudan July 06, 2017

“My aunt and I walked for seven days and along the road we saw blood and dead bodies,” says 12-year-old Blessing who is living as a refugee in northern Uganda. 

A Brighter Future: Viola , 16 years old June 20, 2017

At 16-years-old, Viola is a wife and mother. The conflict in South Sudan has forced her to grow up far too quickly. 

A Brighter Future: John, 12 years old. June 20, 2017

Twelve-year-old John is determined to become his country’s president one day. He reproduced a painting of a boy seemingly looking toward a brighter future by French street artist Seth. 

A Brighter Future: Lina, 16 years old. June 20, 2017

16-year-old Lina produced a self-portrait in the style of Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier’s ‘Fragile heroes’ series. 16-year-old Lina produced a self-portrait in the style of Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier’s ‘Fragile heroes’ series.