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Coffee’s Hidden Kick: Labour exploitation in the global coffee community May 12, 2016

Would you enjoy your morning cuppa as much if you knew it may have arrived through exploitative labour practices? You may spend €3.00 on a cup of coffee, but coffee growers may receive as little as three cents. Often, this is not enough to support them or their families

Amani Lazaro describes the limitations of how he and his community used to farm. May 08, 2016

Amani was among the young farmers supported by World Vision to form commercially focused groups of producers to learn improved farming techniques. 

MasterCard and World Vision to Address Key Issues Facing Humanitarian Sector April 22, 2016

Multi-layered partnership includes aid delivery, industry research, fundraising and advocacy to reach more people in need

Breaking Barriers February 09, 2016

Kousalya is preparing the afternoon meal for over 60 children, as part of World Vision India’s UMANG feeding programme designed to address the high rates of malnutrition across India. But she is also breaking down one of the oldest social evils that the nation still struggles with, the Caste system. 

The Power of Soy January 21, 2016

In a community in Burundi, within two years soymilk cut their malnutrition rate in half. See how, and the difference it's making for these children and their entire community.

One goat, one chicken, one rooster: changing thousands of lives November 01, 2015

When World Vision distributed hundreds of animals in Christine’s community in Uganda, her community's dynamic changed forever.

Building Sustainable Sunflower Oil Processing in Mundemu ADP December 15, 2014

World Vision, with the support of Electric Aid, supported the Mundemu Youth Group with trainings and a sunflower processing machine. This has allowed the many sunflower producers in the community to process their product locally rather than selling the seeds

School Garden in Sanzawa ADP December 12, 2014

Motto Primary School in Sanzawa ADP has long emphasised “self-reliance” as a virtue, in a region of Tanzania that faces frequent food insecurity.