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Supporting communities to be resilient in Uganda October 05, 2018

Within Busitema Area Development Programme in Uganda, World Vision has been supporting farmers with training on improved crop production for staple crops, such as maize and beans.

Fighting Hunger in Uganda October 05, 2018

​William is a farmer in Lulonda village, a community supported by World Vision Ireland’s long-term Area Development Programme (ADP) in Lunyo, Uganda. He lives here with his family; his wife and six children. Like other farmers in Lunyo, William had been struggling to provide enough food year round to feed his family. 

A unique green energy source is changing lives in Busitema, Uganda March 16, 2018

Ever heard of an energy system that uses manure to create gas used to cook and light a home? 

UN High Commissioner Filippo Grandi visits Imvepi refugee settlement, appeals to South Sudan leaders February 02, 2018

The UNHCR chief visited northern Uganda’s Imvepi refugee settlement this week, flanked by several key dignitaries including Uganda’s commissioner for refugees Apollo Kazungu.

Children participating in the fight against child sacrifice January 04, 2018

As I drove to Ngogwe Sub County in Buikwe district, I came across several children going to school in groups of about four. What I realized however is that each one of them run away and looked out for each other when I drove closer. 

Sandra’s Cow October 12, 2017

Sandra is a founding member of Rwengongo Women’s Group, one of the many dynamic self-help organisations World Vision has been working with in North Rukiga ADP, Uganda. 

22,500 people in northern Ugandan refugee communities now benefiting from clean water September 04, 2017

A population of 22,500 people - including 18,000 refugees and 4,500 host community members - at Maaji refugee settlement in Adjumani district can now access clean drinking water, proper sanitation and hygiene thanks to World Vision. 

Radio-Active February 13, 2017

Today is World Radio Day! “Obbanywa,” a World Vision-produced radio programme in Uganda, helps to train volunteer village health team members to identify and treat deadly diseases like malaria!

Uganda: I want to study and write a book – Herbert, age 9 December 02, 2016

Herbert can hardly talk. It takes him about 15 seconds to utter one word. Most of the time, he nods his head in agreement or shakes his head in disagreement as a way of talking back. 

Mary’s night of fear turns to peace – The story of a little girl’s journey from war to refuge October 28, 2016

The sound of the guns pierced through the pitch-black quiet of the South Sudanese night. Mary wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but she was terrified. South Sudan’s conflict had arrived in her village and the rebels were taking over. Screams, shots, and people running in all directions interrupted the eight-year-old girl’s sleep. It was chaos. As the rebels made their way through the village, killing everyone they came across, Mary and her family managed to flee, leaving all of their belongings behind. This is her story.

World Vision made them feel safe again June 04, 2016

The LRA was famous for two things: the deliberate use of child soldiers and the level of brutality it exposed them to. Children were forced to mutilate other members of the group on demand by rebel leaders as a show of power.  World Vision’s Children of War centre in Gulu, Northern Uganda is a place where these children ge get over their trauma. It gives them a home and becomes the family they lost.

Saving Remigio April 07, 2016

Vincent Kakooza knew exactly what to do the night that baby Remigio fell horribly ill, thanks to a radio show, a rapid test kit for malaria, and medicine supplied by World Vision.

One goat, one chicken, one rooster: changing thousands of lives November 01, 2015

When World Vision distributed hundreds of animals in Christine’s community in Uganda, her community's dynamic changed forever.

Wherever she looks, she sees progress – What Child Sponsorship is doing for Joyce. September 01, 2015

Joyce remembers what life was like before World Vision came to her village. Those days are but a distant memory for Joyce and her family. She enjoys a much healthier and happier life now.

We Have Hope July 22, 2015

Since the cessation of hostilities between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda in 2006, it has been difficult for the kidnapped women, and the children we gave birth to in the bush, to return to a normal life. Angela Atim began Watye Ki Gen in June 2012 as a project to work with female returnees.

Protection through pierced ears in Uganda June 22, 2015

In certain districts of Uganda, child sacrifice is a real danger. Meet 3-year-old Sharon, whose ear piercing may actually protect her. Read how a World Vision-supported Amber Alert program is helping to recover children that have been taken from their homes.

A letter from Uganda May 26, 2015

Getting a letter from my sponsored child is one of the most rewarding and amazing things about child sponsorship. There's just something special about seeing that letter in between the pile of bills and take-away menus.

A Cow Named Gift December 10, 2014

Sandra is a founding member of Rwengongo Women’s Group, one of the many dynamic self-help organisations World Vision has been working with in North Rukiga ADP.