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Statement on Aleppo latest November 28, 2016

World Vision is preparing to distribute much-needed medical supplies in eastern Aleppo, as the city endures another round of heavy fighting. Thousands have fled, with a quarter of a million in need of urgent help.


World Vision voices concern as Aleppo ‘almost out of food November 16, 2016

Children’s charity World Vision is voicing concern following the news that food supplies in eastern Aleppo have almost completely run out.

World Vision has expressed shock at an airstrike in Syria September 20, 2016

World Vision has expressed shock at an airstrike which hit an aid convoy in Syria, reportedly leaving 12 dead. The UN says 18 trucks were hit on their way to deliver aid to 78,000 people.

Alan Kurdi - One year on and the horrors of war continue. September 02, 2016

Today marks one year since little Alan Kurdi was found washed up on a beach in Turkey. That day the world seemed to wake up to the horror of the Syrian crisis but where are we one year on?

UN Special Envoy visits drought-affected community in Swaziland August 30, 2016

Mary Robinson, the United Nations Special Envoy on El Niño visited a drought-affected community in Swaziland to meet with the families and understand their challenges and priorities. 

Statement from Kevin Jenkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of World Vision International August 09, 2016

World Vision is seeking to understand the truth behind the allegations laid against Mohammad El Halabi. World Vision condemns any diversion of funds from any humanitarian organisation and strongly condemns any act of terrorism or support for those activities.


Statement on World Vision Staff Arrest August 04, 2016

On June 15th, 2016, Mohammad El Halabi, the manager of operations for World Vision in Gaza, was arrested on his way home from routine meetings. On the 4th August 2016 date, after 50 days in Israeli state detention, Mohammad was charged with providing support to Hamas. 

There are currently 125 million people in need of humanitarian assistance May 23, 2016

There are currently 125 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, writes Justin Byworth.

Ecuadorian quake ‘truly terrifying’ April 18, 2016

International aid and development agency World Vision is on the ground and responding to a 7.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Manabi, northwest Ecuador.

Meeting the Real Needs of Syrian Civilians: A Message to the Humanitarian Task Force April 15, 2016

It has been 60 days since the U.S. and Russia signed the Munich agreement, calling for increased attention to address the dire humanitarian conditions inside Syria. NGOs working in Syria have four key messages for the ISSG and the HTF

Report reveals ongoing conflict in Syria will cost €1.2 trillion March 14, 2016

The cost of conflict to Syria is an estimated €250 billion in lost growth opportunities.

If the conflict continues to 2020, the cost of conflict to Syria will be €1.2 trillion

The numbers showing the impact on the economies of Syria and neighbouring countries are a window into the human suffering caused by this conflictsy

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