(L) Severini, Jennifer and Anamaria smile.

In Mundemu, Tanzania, a young family is prospering through our Irish Aid-funded AIM Health Plus Programme.

Nestled between village homes and dry grass speckled with yellow flowers in Mundemu, Tanzania, lives a family of three: mum; Anamaria, dad, Severini and their bright young daughter, Jennifer. Two years and ten months old, Jennifer closes her tired eyes as she rests upon her mum’s lap. It is tiring being two, especially when adults interrupt your favourite time of day: nap-time.

Anamaria met her Community Health Worker (CHW), Rosalia, when she was two months pregnant with Jennifer. “I wish that every sub-village had a CHW. When the CHW speak with the husbands, they tend to be more involved in raising the children and taking on more household duties.” Anamaria said. “It means I can spend more time with Jennifer, with better sharing of parenting duties.” Jennifer is full of character at such a young age. She is energetic, curious and bubbly.

Anamaria explains what she has learnt since meeting her CHW, saying: “My CHW provided education on the importance of a balanced diet, health facilities nearby and when to starting breastfeeding and introducing different foods. I am very happy to have a CHW as it would have been harder without her.”

Initially visiting Anamaria every three months when Jennifer was younger, Rosalia now visits the family less often as they have implemented all that she has taught them. Rosalia’s impact stretches further than positive impacts for her and Jennifer, explains Anamaria; “My husband helps me with simple household chores and collects water for the family.” This is a wonderful help for Anamaria as traditional attitudes hinder fathers from helping with domestic chores and raising children. Severini is testament to the impact had by CHWs in Mundemu.

Growing their own sorghum, groundnuts and njugu (peanuts), Anamaria and Severini are doing well. Vital to their health is a latrine, a toilet facility, built by World Vision Ireland outside the family-home: structures which change lives and facilitate good hygiene. Anamaria, Severini and Jennifer are enabled to thrive through our AIM Health Plus Programme funded by Irish Aid. Thank you to you, our supporters and the taxpayers of Ireland, for making our work possible!

Funded by Irish Aid, Anamaria’s family benefits from a family latrine.
Severini smiles at his tired daughter, Jennifer.
Anamria washes her hands at the family latrine.
Jennifer brings joy to her community members.