Ester plays with her Mum.

From Newborn to Healthy, Little Girl: See Ester’s Progress

Nearly two years later, Ester is walking, playing and has an ear for music.

We met Ester Augustino, a beautiful baby girl, and her mother, Anna Joseph, only weeks after Ester had been born in Mundemu, Tanzania. Nearly two years later, Ester is a healthy little girl who is walking and playing!

Following check-ups at critical times by Anna’s Community Health Worker (CHW), Anna and her husband are now empowered parents to wonderful, little Ester. We train CHWs to support pregnant mums and families with vital health and nutrition knowledge to aid the safe delivery and growth of healthy children. Nutrition-related issues lead to approximately 45 percent of deaths of children under the age of five, making nutrition knowledge critical to the development of a young child.

Playing is fundamental to the well-being of a child, understood well by Anna; “Since the last visit [by a CHW], Ester is walking nicely and loves music: when she hears her favourite song, she wakes up when she is asleep. Therefore, music makes her happier and is the best stimulant for her,” said Anna. 

Hygiene is so important to the health of a child and Ester’s play area was indeed very clean! “The play area is cleaned every day and due to her [ Ester’s] age, she is not allowed to play out of the home compound to make sure it is clean where she plays,” continues Anna, “I am looking forward to [seeing] my baby’s healthy progress and growth due to continued breastfeeding and proper management of Ester’s well-being.”

We are so looking forward to seeing Ester’s progress as she grows into a healthy, strong little girl. With her husband’s support in providing nutritious foods and helping with household duties, Anna’s little Ester proved to be very well despite her season-related cold. 

With your help, we are supporting over 2,000 CHWs to provide pregnant and new mums with important nutrition knowledge through our Irish Aid-funded AIM Health Programme in Tanzania, Uganda, Mauritania and Sierra Leone. We are so thankful for your support.

Ester sits on her Mum’s lap with their CHW.
Anns sits with Ester on her lap beside her CHWs.



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