Sifras Sendeu smiles during her interview.

Honouring Sifras: A Community Health Worker Touching Lives in Mundemu, Tanzania

Sifras Sendeu; a passionate World Vision-trained Community Health Worker is changing the lives of Mundemu community members with her nutrition knowledge.

From the moment we met Sifras on our field visit to Tanzania, her beautiful, bright smile remained. With passion and much knowledge to share, Sifras told us humbly how she had impacted the Mundemu community members through her work as a Community Health Worker (CHW).

Funded by Irish Aid through our AIM Health Plus Programme, Sifras travels on her bicycle to visit regularly 26 households with important nutrition messages. Sifras, a well-respected lady, was selected by her community members to be trained by World Vision to become a CHW. Within a few weeks, she received vital nutrition knowledge to empower families and pregnant women to raise healthy children through the consumption of local nutritious foods, immunisation, regular check-ups during pregnancy and encouraging greater household-involvement by husbands.

“I enjoyed the training and I took it into my heart,” said Sifras. This is what makes Sifras so special: her passion is driven by her love for others as she cycles many kilometres to reach vulnerable families in her community.

“The changa moto [problem in Swahili] is the low involvement of men in households but the culture of resistance is slowly changing,” says Sifras.
Sifras and other CHW’s impact in the Mundemu community is far-reaching as early pregnancies in girls are decreasing, negative cultural beliefs regarding male household-involvement are slowly changing and clinic attendance by pregnant women is increasing.

Sifras and other CHWs continue to work with dedication and passion to change the lives of their communities through our Irish Aid-funded AIM Health Plus Programme, and we honour them for their hard work.



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