Janeth smiles as Christina sits on her lap

Janeth and her Family’s Lives are Changed by her CHW

In Mundemu, Tanzania, Janeth and her baby girl, Christina, are progressing extremely well: enabled by her Community Health Worker (CHW)

Janeth and her little girl, Christina, are a family we have followed closely to monitor their progress. Following our last visit to their home in Mundemu, Tanzania, they are both doing very well!

Sitting obediently on her mum’s lap, Christina’s growth and health was evident. Having met Christina shortly after being born, it was so encouraging to see her progress.

“Christina has been growing well and is very healthy. She is walking with no problems at all,” says Janeth. Fond of her toy dolls and music, Christina was growing into an independent little girl. Her playing environment was clean and restricted as to keep her out of harm’s way.

Empowered by a Community Health Worker (CHW) with vital knowledge on the importance of a hygienic and monitored play area, a nutritious and balanced diet for the family and regular clinic check-ups, Janeth’s family is thriving. 

Considering the support by Janeth’s husband with his provision of nutritious foods and regular reminders to Janeth to attend the clinic, the impact of Janeth’s World Vision-trained CHW on her family’s well-being was far-reaching.

This impact would not be possible without the support of Irish Aid through our AIM Health Programme operating in Tanzania, Uganda, Mauritania and Sierra Leone. Ultimately, we are thankful to you, the Irish taxpayers, for enabling the health of young families such as Janeth’s in Tanzania.

Christina’s Growth Monitoring Card used by her Commununity Health Worker to track progress.
Janeth’s CHW records Christina’s progress.