Baby Aines sits on her Community Health Worker’s lap.

Mary and Baby Aines are Stronger than Ever Before

Mary and her beautiful baby, Aines, are healthier and stronger due to their Community Health Worker’s influence.

In Mundemu, Tanzania, Mary and her beautiful baby, Aines, are filled with smiles and a warm welcome as Mary reports the good health of her daughter. Enabled by her Community Health Worker (CHW) with important nutrition information, Mary’s Aines made a full recovery from her cough and cold as she received treatment at the hospital.

Aines’ smile can melt any heart as she sits on her CHW’s lap. Now eating many different foods, including stiff porridge and groundnuts, she proves to be a healthy little girl.

Mary understands, through her CHW, the importance of breastfeeding and vaccinating Aines, saying; “My baby is still young and it is important [that she is] fed mother’s milk until the appropriate age. She has also received all the important immunisations for her age.”
Our Irish Aid-funded AIM Health Programme trains Community Health Workers to empower pregnant mothers and families with vital nutrition knowledge on how to raise healthy babies. 

Mary’s family has utilized well the knowledge shared with them by their CHW and are doing very well as Mary says: “My husband provides the necessary nutritious foods and meets other basic needs [for the family]. Aines’ grandmother sometimes assists in taking her to the clinic, feeding and taking care of her when I am busy. I am looking forward to seeing her growing well, happy and healthy because she [both] is well taken-care-of and fed.”

Mary and Aines are wonderful examples of the impact of CHWs on families in communities such as Mundemu. We are so thankful to you, the taxpayers of Ireland, for empowering mums like Mary in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Mauritania and Uganda.

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