Mundemu’s Nutrition Group smile in the drizzling rain.

Mundemu’s Nutrition Group is Flourishing!

In Mundemu, Tanzania, a Nutrition Group of passionate farmers showcase their thriving crops. 

Standing in the drizzling rain, overlooking a natural paradise of locally-grown fruit and vegetables, Mundemu’s Nutrition Group humbly tell of their success in growing nutritious food for their community.

Funded by Irish Aid through our AIM Health Plus Programme, Nutrition Groups empower community members with vital nutrition and agricultural knowledge to become self-sufficient and resilient to climate change-related disasters.

The flourishing garden of beetroot, soya beans, papayas, bananas and more proved testament to the techniques taught to and well-implemented by the Nutrition Group. Agricultural techniques such as conservation farming, whereby farmers learn to maximise yields whilst preserving the environment and ensuring productive soils, enable rewarding farming.

Standing joyfully by a bed of lettuce were four women: now friends, fellow farmers and income-generators. Women are fundamental to the success of communities in becoming nutritionally self-sufficient. We therefore train women to partake in Income Generating Activities such as growing backyard gardens of nutritious foods. Furthermore, we support communities through cooking demonstrations and the sharing of nutritious recipes to ensure the up-keep of a balanced diet for community members.

Supporting farmers with drought resistant seeds and efficient farming techniques is vital in our work and increasing crop productivity: a practice which greatly enhances the ability of communities to withstand climate-related disasters.

Mundemu’s Nutrition Group is an encouraging example of a flourishing community of passionate farmers: one which continues to be empowered through our Irish Aid-funded AIM Health Programme.

Thank you to you, Irish taxpayers, for enabling Nutrition Groups such as these in Mundemu, to thrive!

Bananas grow in the field.
Beetroot thrives in the Nutrition Group’s field.



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