Muna was forced to flee her home with her seven-month-old granddaughter, Nashat.

Refugee Appeal

Children’s lives are changed forever when conflict erupts. But you can help.

What is the current global refugee situation?

For years now, every single day, from Venezuela to Ukraine to Sudan to Syria and a lot more, millions of people are being uprooted from their homes and countries, for either arm conflict reasons, socio-economic instability or natural disasters escaping by land, sea, or air.

In 2023, the future of refugees is still not promising.

How does World Vision support refugees?

Through the provision of food, health and nutrition assistance, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) support, safe spaces for children to learn and play, vocational training and livelihood programmes and cash, voucher transfers and social protection, World Vision is providing a window of hope for refugees.  

Our staff on the ground works to meet the needs of refugee children as well as the host communities, which are often necessarily connected.

Together with grassroots organizations and local governments, we work to ensure children and their families have access to the resources they need to thrive including, clean water, adequate shelter, safe spaces, nutritious food and educational opportunities among other things.

How we work in emergencies

When emergencies hit, children are often the most at risk. That’s why we need to be there – in places torn apart by disasters and conflict. 

Your donations help us act fast when refugees' lives change in an instant.

Your support makes change happen

Your support makes change happen

All the resources entrusted to us are effectively and efficiently invested in the lives and futures of children. We’re always working to keep our overhead low.  

In 2022, we used 89% of our total operating expenses for programmes that benefit children, families, and communities in need, 3% was used for fundraising efforts and 8% for administration expenses. 

"We left our towns, our schools, our education, our everything." An Ukranian refugee child.

Why World Vision?

Thanks to our donors, we have so far assisted 27.1 million people through 66 emergency responses.

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