Disaster Relief

World Vision has the size, experience and expertise to respond

immediately when disasters happen.

We employ a global network of disaster response experts who assess the impact of each disaster, plan the response
and are on the ground within 24 - 72 hours of a major disaster.



Our immediate and long term response to crises are effective.

Because we have offices in 100 countries, we are often already based in disaster regions, with local staff being able to start work immediately. As we are a trusted and well-known NGO in the countries where we work, with offices run by local staff, we can work extremely effectively with the local communities and local governments, to ensure that the immediate and longer term response to crises are effective. Our focus during and after a crisis is always on the welfare and
protection of children.



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World Vision responded to 170 emergencies in 2018






Your donation helps us to continue our work in nearly 100 countries giving emergency aid and
development support to the world's most vulnerable people.

When you donate to World Vision, you help children ,
their family community out of poverty.





A world where all children are safe from disaster



Disaster Response



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