Ongoing crisis

Ongoing Crisis

What happens when communities are subjected to ongoing and protracted crises? Their resilience is weakened,
their economy becomes vulnerable, and it is women and children who suffer the most.




A heavy focus on the wellbeing of the children

World Vision provides programmes that help equip women and children with positive coping mechanisms to overcome the effects of conflict, violence and displacement.

Our programmes have a range of services including teacher training and school reconstruction, establishing of Parent-Teacher Associations, and raising awareness of child protection issues.

As usual, World Vision has a heavy focus on the wellbeing of the children in these communities, and we help in a number of ways. We provide life-skills training for children and young people, we create Child Protection Committees (CPC) for their continued welfare, and we establish our unique Child-Friendly Spaces so that children have a place where they are free from harm and are free to be children.





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