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About World Vision

World Vision Ireland

World Vision Ireland is a child – focussed overseas aid agency. We are part of World Vision International, the largest privately funded NGO in the world. We provide short and long-term assistance to 100 million people worldwide. We have over 40,000 staff members working in 99 countries.

A Unique Approach

World Vision’s approach to aid and development is unique – we partner with communities, employ local staff and train community members. By doing this we support each community to become independent and resilient so that they can provide the best possible future for their children.


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Over 2 million people have fled fighting in Syria, in fear of their lives. More than half of them are children. They now live in terrible conditions – sleeping in rough or in makeshift shelters.

Having escaped the violence, they now face hunger and homelessness.

We are on the ground targeting the worst affected in Lebanon and Jordan helping with food, shelter, sanitation and clean water.

Every day more families flee Syria and we simply do not have enough to reach the huge number of children in need. Please give now to help deliver food and shelter to where it is needed.

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