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World Vision Ireland is responding to ongoing conflict in occupied Palestinian territory and Israel

Occupied Palestinian territory and Israel

World Vision's response to the ongoing conflict.

World Vision Ireland responding to ongoing conflict in occupied Palestinian territory and Israel 

World Vision Ireland, is responding to escalating needs in the West Bank as the crisis in occupied Palestine territory (oPt) and Israel continues. World Vision teams are engaging in a number of initiatives including the support of vulnerable children, families and communities impacted by this crisis in the West bank. They are meeting urgent family needs, creating safe spaces, and providing psychological services. They are responding in other areas where displaced people will need help, and will continue to support throughout the crisis.  

‘‘As part of the world’s largest child-focused humanitarian and development organisation, our concern around the ongoing conflict in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel is particularly acute in relation to children,” says World Vision Ireland CEO, Gillian Barnett. ‘‘Hunger is a particular worry. Already, before last week’s escalating conflict, 1.5 million people in impacted areas were food insecure. As we consider that figure, it’s even more alarming to realise it’s a number that’s set to increase exponentially as a result of increased violence.’’

Speaking of the impacts the crisis, World Vision’s Senior Director for Public Engagement, Sharon Marshall commented:  “World Vision is horrified and saddened by the loss of lives and suffering that this crisis has triggered. Serious and grave violations against children have been reported in Israel and in the occupied Palestinian territory in the past week. World Vision urges all parties to urgently ensure the delivery of essential aid to affected communities.

“What is happening is a humanitarian tragedy that has already had terrible and worsening humanitarian consequences. The safety, security, and well-being of all civilians, especially children, must be the priority for all parties. We call for unhindered and safe access for humanitarian workers who are responding to this crisis.

 “The past ten days of violence began with the killing, maiming and abduction of children by armed gunmen; it is ending with the killing and maiming of children through the bombing of civilian infrastructure and essential public services such as schools and health facilities.”  

World Vision Ireland stresses that Israeli and Palestinian children have a legal right to protection and should not be victims. They are urging all international actors and those directly involved to prioritise peace and  ensure the protection of innocent children.  

To donate to World Vision Ireland’s campaign helping those affected by the escalation of violence in the occupied Palestinian territory, please visit