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New European Union grant

New EU grant to address deforestation

Delivering sustainable natural resource management for the most vulnerable

Delivering on sustainable natural resource management for today and future generations

On November 16th, the European Union and the Government of Tanzania announced the start of the EU-funded Integrated Approach to Sustainable Development Cooking Solutions Programme in Tanzania. ARDHI Tanga or Accelerating Reforestation for the Development of Households In Tanga, proposed by World Vision Tanzania and World Vision Ireland, was selected as one of the awarded projects to address the challenges posed by land and forest degradation in Tanga, Tanzania.

Land degradation and deforestation are some of the most pressing challenges faced by a country that is seeing its unparalleled natural resources and wildlife degrading because of climate change and inadequate human interventions. In a country that ranked 7th in the world for overall charcoal production and that relies on wood-fuel for 85-90% of the country’s energy supply, addressing the sustainable production and use of charcoal and wood-fuel is essential to preserve its environment.

ARDHI Tanga aims to contribute to sustainable forest management and wood-fuel production in Tanga through enhanced natural resource management and sustainable wood-fuel value chains. Through working with local communities in Handeni, Mkinga, Pangani and Kilindi districts, ARDHI Tanga will promote and support sustainable and equitable forest management practices that are good for the people and the planet. From engraining a positive attitude towards natural resources among local communities to supporting local charcoal producers to adopt sustainable forest management practices; ARDHI Tanga will address the different root causes of deforestation to ultimately contribute to long-term improved natural resource management in Tanga.

World Vision’s commitment to the climate agenda and a more sustainable future for all is a compelling one, as shown through our ongoing climate resilience work. Building on EU-funded SAUTI Youth project implemented by World Vision Ireland and World Vision Tanzania in Tanga (2020-2023), ARDHI Tanga will have social accountability for climate action at the core of this programme, working with youth to ensure that their voices are heard and directly impact environmental policy commitments at different levels. As youth are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and land degradation, their understanding of and participation in climate action and environmental conservation is key to ensure government’s accountability and environmental policy enforcement at all levels.

Commenting on the award World Vision Ireland CEO, Gillian Barnett pointed out that “Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global solution. World Vision’s partnership with the European Union and the Government of Tanzania showcases that working together is of utmost importance to build a better, greener future for Tanzania and the world.

ARDHI Tanga will be implemented from 2024 -2026 with a total budget of € 2,222,222 of which €2,000,000 is from the European Union and €222,222 from World Vision.