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World Vision Zambia staff member laughs with a child, with his piece of birthday cake at the birthday celebration hosted by World Vision

How donations are spent

Lives transformed forever. Here's exactly how.

Transforming children's lives

Together, in 2019 World Vision has helped 2 million children in 42 countries.

It’s all thanks to incredible supporters across the country who believe every child deserves a chance.

For every euro spent by World Vision Ireland, 82c went towards our work to care for and protect vulnerable children around the world and 18c was spent on raising another euro.

World Vision in 2019

How can you be sure where your donation goes?

When you give to World Vision, you can be assured that your donation will be well spent to have the greatest possible impact on children and communities who need it most.

Our programmes are run by our own staff or local, trusted partner organisations.

We also support communities to better know and uphold their rights.

Additionally, our accounts are independently audited every year and we’re regulated by the Irish Charity Regulators

So you can be sure we spend your donations how we say we will, to reach the most vulnerable children and communities.

A boy from Rwanda wearing a blue top smiles off to the side of the camera standing with a blackboard behind him

Together we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty.

Why choose World Vision?

With 70 years of experience, we’ve learned how to bring hope to children and communities in some of the world’s most poor and dangerous places.

Thanks to our supporters globally, we work in almost 100 countries and have changed the lives of over 200 million children in the past five years alone.

When you give to World Vision, you know your donations will be well spent, for the greatest impact. We always work alongside communities, with a focus on the most vulnerable children and families helping them overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. So, you know your donations will go to the children in greatest need.

Who are you helping?

Boy from Angola smiles as he is held by his mother who is looking at him
When Angola faced its worst drought in 38 years, Beto, age one, became malnourished. Thanks to supporters, he was given the care he needed to fully recover.

We help the most vulnerable children in the world - and you can read all about how we transform lives of children and their families.

For Beto and his Mum, World Vision's actions were life-saving. When Angola faced its worst drought in 38 years, they barely ate and Beto became sick and malnourished.

World Vision provided food and training for the community so they can provide for themselves. Now, Beto smiles.

How can you help?

There’s still so much we need to do.

There are millions of children struggling to survive, who risk losing their childhoods, their families, and their hope.

We work with communities to help them bring about change in the longer term, as well as providing emergency relief when disasters strike.

We provide immediate support, and we stay, helping to rebuild lives for children, families and communities.

This simply wouldn’t be possible without thousands of people like you.

Donate today to transform the lives of vulnerable children

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