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Children at a water tap

Lives transformed forever

How your support is changing lives

The work we do has a deep and lasting impact on children’s lives thanks to our incredible supporters worldwide.

Here are just a few of the incredible success stories we’ve been a part of.

Children caught in emergencies

Beto's story

One-year-old boy smiles with his mother holding him in Angola
Beto, one years old, from Angola was malnourished. He's now recovered thanks to supporters like you.

Angola was facing its worst drought in 38 years. Families were struggling to feed themselves and children were starving. Thanks to World Vision supporters, more than 500 Community Health Workers were trained to identify and treat malnourished children, including baby Beto, then just six months old.

Beto’s mum Ndahambelela says, “When Beto was sick, he didn’t laugh, and he didn’t play. He cried a lot back then. He was so unwell and thin and had lots of diarrhoea. He even stopped taking my breast milk. When I tried to give him food, he didn’t really want that either. I was so worried about him.”

“During the drought, some days we ate porridge and local fruit and some days we didn’t eat at all,” shared Ndahambelela.

Health workers gave Beto specially-formulated food, and accompanied mum and baby to the hospital. After treatment, Ndahambelela is overjoyed with Beto's recovery.

Now he laughs and plays. I don’t worry about him like I used to. The main thing I want for Beto is for him to stay healthy.

Children living in extreme poverty

Susan's story

3 children hold their favourite goats in Zimbabwe
Ruvimbo, 6, Melcy, 5, and Mellyne, 10, with their favourite goats in Zimbabwe

Not long ago, Susan, who lives in Zimbabwe, struggled to feed her children.

Then Susan joined a World Vision savings group, which allowed her to buy her first goat — in her own name. Soon enough, she went from owning one goat to 43 goats and a chicken!

After Susan was taught how to breastfeed by a World Vision programme, it wasn’t just her child that benefitted. Susan took a leading role with women in her community, teaching them how to look after their children properly and breastfeed.

Now, Susan and her husband, Godfrey, are self-sufficient.

And their children, Melcy, 5, Ruvimbo, 6, Mellyne, 10, Melnicia, 17, Melgine, 23, Melbamore, 26, have healthy food and clean water every day.

Children facing abuse and exploitation

Janvie's story

Man in the Philippines sits talking with child, Marie Rose, Marie Rose is wearing her school uniform.
Janvie meets his sponsored child, Marie Rose, 11, for the first time

Janvie was abandoned by his parents at an early age and was forced to work in sugarcane fields as a child. He didn’t understand why he was left by his parents to stay in his grandparents' leaky house, with no water or electricity. He couldn’t go to school because he was busy working.

When he was seven, Janvie heard about World Vision’s work in his area of the Philippines. His grandmother was skeptical, but Janvie was determined to have a better life and went alone to ask for a sponsor.

Before World Vision, his only dream was to go to school, but as a sponsored child, the activities he attended and the encouragement in his sponsor's letters gave him even bigger dreams for his life.

And as his grandparents and neighbours gained access to water and healthcare, the whole community got stronger.


It became a stepping stone to who I am today

Without sponsorship, Janvie is certain his situation would have stayed the same - working the sugarcane fields into adulthood.

But instead, he now works with the World Economic Forum, travelling the world to consult with governments and other agencies.

And knowing the value of child sponsorship, he's become a child sponsor himself, to 11-year-old Marie Rose.

Together we can transform the lives of the world's most vulnerable children - if you donate today.

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