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Supporting trusts and foundations

Driving lasting change for a brighter future.

Your support makes the world of a difference 

At World Vision, we are committed to transforming the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children – but we can’t do it alone. Only by working together with partners can we achieve this transformation. 

That’s why your support is so important. We are proud to partner with like-minded trusts and foundations who share our vision for a better world and make our work possible. Together, this work has brought brighter futures to 200 million vulnerable children and counting.  

In collaboration with partners, we have already achieved so much around the world

Personalised partnerships 

At World Vision, we work closely with trusts and foundations to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that meet the needs of vulnerable children and your organisational objectives

We partner with foundations and trusts of all sizes to address pressing global issues like child poverty, hunger, climate change, and humanitarian emergencies. Whether you’re interested in making a one-time donation or investing in a long-term project, there’s a World Vision partnership for you. Our dedicated partnerships team can even offer bespoke partner programs tailored to your trust’s specific objectives, allowing you to support the causes that matter to you most. 


Through World Vision’s programmes, every 60 seconds, a family gets water, a hungry child is fed, and a family receives the tools to overcome poverty. 

Co-creating a better world 

Hear from our partners how World Vision can help your trust or foundation make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.  

Why World Vision? 

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