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Youth Led Green Social Accountability
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Youth Led Green Social Accountability

Lessons from the SAUTI-Youth Project

The prevailing issue of climate change is acknowledged as a profound intergenerational injustice, particularly affecting young people whose participation in climate action decision-making is often superficial and fragmented across various levels. Despite being the demographic most directly impacted by the consequences of climate change, their involvement seems can often be a symbolic gesture than a real effort. With their present and future at stake, it is imperative that their concerns and solutions take centre stage in decision-making processes. Research shows that young people exhibit higher levels of
concern and anxiety about climate change and the planet's future (Renton, 2010).

The SAUTI-Youth project, an initiative managed by World Vision Ireland, implemented by World Vision Tanzania and Youth Work Ireland Galway. The project focuses on youth involvement in Citizen Voice and Action (CVA), applying this model to climate action policies for the first time. The report delves into the achievements, challenges and insights gathered from this pioneering project offering valuable lessons for scalable and replicable approaches to youth involvement in climate policy development and implementation.

The CVA model, a foundational guide for citizen engagement, has been instrumental in enhancing youth participation, moving beyond awareness-raising to drive meaningful impact in the context of climate action.

Read full document on how SAUTI successfully adopted the CVA model, shared learnings and best practices at local, national, and international levels, providing an evidence base for future scalability and replicability across different contexts below:

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