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Young mother named Famtia holding her child

Emergency Relief

World Vision is a world-wide organisation with the size, experience and expertise to respond immediately when disasters happen. 

We employ global network disaster-response experts who assess the impact of each disaster, plan the response, and are on the ground within 24 to 72 of hours of a major disaster. 

We have offices in 100 countries, so are often already based in disaster regions with local staff being able to start work immediately. As we are a trusted and well known NGO, with offices run by local staff, we can work extremely effectively with local communities and local governments, to ensure that the immediate and longer term response to crises are effective. Our focus during and after a crisis is always on the welfare and protection of children,

World Vision Ireland is responding to acute and chronic humanitarian crises across a number of countries. With valuable support from Irish Aid, our Humanitarian Programme Plan has a very strong focus on health, education and the protection of women and children.

Our goals are to protect children, save lives, reduce suffering, protect livelihoods, strengthen community resilience and promote peace.

Disaster management always includes the following goals:

  • To reduce or avoid losses of lives and property (early warning, preparedness, mitigation)
  • To ensure prompt assistance to survivors
  • To achieve rapid and effective recovery
  • To manage long-term programmes to help communities fully recover