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Nomin's journey to COP28:

Advocating for children's voices in climate action

Nomin at COP28: A docuseries

In December 2023, Nomin, a sponsored child and child leader with World Vision in Mongolia, participated in COP28. There she had the opportunity to be part of a global community of passionate, young climate activists, as well as global leaders and decision-makers in the COP28 dialogues.

Children's voices matter at COP28. Despite being perceived as 'vulnerable,' we can contribute significantly to development and positive change.
We must speak up in the global climate narrative. I will carry these lessons with me so I can advocate for a more sustainable future back in Mongolia.

Not a passive listener but an active doer, Nomin took action, establishing the campaign Be an Eco," which has inspired over a thousand children to join the movement. She has also initiated several projects like planting trees, establishing a waste centre and raising awareness about the climate crisis among her peers.

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