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Two women, one holding a baby, are fleeing to a safe place

Facts, FAQs, and how World Vision is helping

Ukraine crisis

Children and their families are bearing the brunt of the escalating crisis in Ukraine.

As the crisis in Ukraine intensifies, people across the country are being forced to flee to safety. More than 7.5 million children are already at great risk due to this sudden escalation. If the situation deteriorates further, the effects on children will be devastating and long-lasting.

“It is heart-breaking that countless children will bear the brunt of this conflict, forced from their homes and schools as they flee in search of safety," said Andrew Morley, World Vision International President and CEO.

“We stand ready to support those affected, as the violence takes its toll on children’s physical and mental health, facing the loss of loved ones and destruction of their homes.

“We call on all sides to promote peace, as we hope and pray for a solution to prevent a full-scale humanitarian crisis.”

How many people have been forcibly displaced?

Many children and their families will be internally displaced, and others will be forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Since the conflict began, more than 3 million people have already left Ukraine. Poland, Romania, Czechia and Slovakia have already begun making preparations for inflows of people. Ukraine is also home to refugees from Afghanistan and Syria who have fled conflict in their own homelands and are particularly vulnerable.

World Vision calls on all sides to promote peace, praying that diplomatic solutions can be found to prevent a full-scale humanitarian crisis.

Why is the crisis so dangerous for children in Ukraine?

In any conflict like the one escalating in Ukraine right now, children are the worst affected. As well as immediate threats to safety and shelter, conflict threatens children’s mental health, access to education, and their ability to achieve their God-given potential.

How will the crisis in Ukraine make matters worse for the most vulnerable countries in the world?

The crisis in Ukraine threatens the food supply and economic stability of some of the most vulnerable countries in the world. With Russia and Ukraine providing nearly a quarter of the world’s wheat supply, we are already seeing this conflict affect the food supply in countries such as Yemen and Lebanon.

What is World Vision doing to help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine?

As the conflict in Ukraine escalates and humanitarian needs increase significantly, World Vision will seek to support those fleeing violence.

We are on the ground in Romania meeting children’s immediate needs with:

  • Aid packages
  • Child-friendly kits
  • Water

We are also mobilising our efforts in Georgia and Moldova.

How can I help children and families made vulnerable by this crisis?

Donate to help children and families forcibly displaced by the crisis in Ukraine.

Pray for peace to be restored quickly and that children and families will be protected from harm.

Advocate by adding your voice to call for peace in Ukraine and protection for affected children and their families.

Help children and families in Ukraine

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