A child crying in a refugee camp

Protect and provide for refugee children

Help children whose lives have been changed in an instant.

Refugee children across the world urgently need your help.

From teddy bears to ticking bombs — young children’s lives are changed forever when conflict erupts. Children from Ukraine, Syria and other war-torn countries have been forced to leave everything behind.

Across the world, 82.4 million people have been forced to flee their homes, more than ever before. 

Children’s lives change in an instant as they are forced to give up their childhoods and flee for their lives. This is not the future any child dreams of.

Donate to help us act fast when children's life change in an instant.


Save and protect children in the world's most dangerous places

Help those who are most vulnerable

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When life changes in an instant, we move instantly.

When vulnerable children are living in dangerous places, we work to help them survive, recover and build back stronger.

We help vulnerable children in emergencies in different ways.

How World Vision assists refugees

World Vision coordinates activities with national governments and other aid organizations to achieve the best outcomes for people affected by crises. Because we have a continuing presence in nearly 100 countries, we are well-positioned to meet the needs of displaced people, whether they’re in their own country or living as refugees.

How we work in emergencies

When emergencies hit, children are often the most at risk. That’s why we need to be there – in places torn apart by disasters and conflict. 

Your donations help us act fast when refugees' lives change in an instant.

Your support makes change happen

Your support makes change happen

All the resources entrusted to us are effectively and efficiently invested in the lives and futures of children. We’re always working to keep our overhead low.  

In 2022, we used 89% of our total operating expenses for programmes that benefit children, families, and communities in need, 3% was used for fundraising efforts and 8% for administration expenses. 

"We try not to tell him this is war. He thinks he's going on a vacation."

Why World Vision

Thanks to our donors, we have so far assisted 27.1 million people through 66 emergency responses.

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