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A World Vision staff helps refugees during the Ukraine crisis

Voices of children fleeing conflict in Ukraine

The escalation of armed conflict in Ukraine is putting more than 7.5 million children at grave risk of physical, emotional and psychosocial harm. Violence is forcing families to flee and often separating families. As with all conflicts, we see children among those most greatly impacted. This is what the children and their families have to say.

Vitalia and Yana, 12

Mother and daughter, Vitalia and Yana, from Ukraine

Vitalia and her 12-year-old daughter, Yana, left Ukraine to find a safer place. “It’s hard... my daughter is suffering because of the break-up of the family,” explained Vitalia. 

Yana has mixed emotions about being in Romania. “I’m better now, but I’m still thinking about my father. He’s back in Ukraine and we had to leave him there,” she says.

Ivan, 17

Ivan, 17, is scared for his friends back in Ukraine

Ivan* choked back tears after crossing the border from Ukraine into Romania alone. “I love my Ukraine and I want to live there, but at this time I can’t,” he said. Ivan’s grandfather drove him to the border so he could be safe and then returned to their family home.

*Ivan's name has been changed

Mischa, 17

Mischa, 17 from Kyiv, Romania

“We didn’t want to leave Kyiv,” explains Mischa, 17. “But, when we heard… rocket explosions, it was really [scary] and we decided to leave.”

After several days of travelling, Mischa reached Romania with his mother and sisters. “It's stressful because we [left] my father right in Kyiv and it's very hard without his support,” he says.

We are mobilising our teams in Romania, Georgia and Moldova to respond to the urgent needs of children and their families affected by the crisis in Ukraine. 

Learn more about what we are doing. 

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