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Ukraine_Water heaters provided to Ukranian refugees

World Vision provides heaters to help refugees

from Ukraine warm themselves amidst freezing temperatures

Cold weather makes conditions worse

Cold weather is making conditions even more bitter for families fleeing violence in Ukraine.

World Vision staff member Brianna Piazza reports from the border between Russia and Ukraine where women and children refugees are fleeing the conflict where freezing temperatures and snow are making an already difficult time even more uncomfortable.

Our teams are on the ground and responding to the urgent needs of refugees fleeing the conflict.

World Vision provides heaters to help warm refugees

"It's really cold these days. Temperatures are below zero, windy and snowy, so we wanted to immediately be of help for these people," says Daniela, World Vision’s crisis intervention coordinator in Siret.  

Seated along the northern border with Ukraine, the Romanian city of Siret is welcoming thousands of refugees from Ukraine. Working alongside local municipalities, the World Vision team in Romania is finding ways to meet the immediate needs of people fleeing Ukraine with resources such as food, water and hygiene kits and kits for children among other things.  

World Vision provides food, water, hygiene kits and heaters

Recently, a shipment of heaters was delivered to the crisis intervention team in Siret. The heaters are a much-needed relief to the refugees entering the country, many of whom endured frigid temperatures on their journey. The lines at the Romanian border are long, and many refugees queued for hours in the winter weather before their turn to cross. Cold temperatures are expected to continue for several more weeks in this region.  

These small red heaters will make a world of difference for families as they find shelter from the conflict and from the elements. 

Though the weather and circumstances are difficult, Daniela emphasises World Vision’s commitment to serve those in need. "We hope to be able to provide support as long as it is needed,” says Daniela. 

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