Girls in DRC say no to child marriage

End Child Marriage

In the last minute, 22 girls under the age of 18 were just married

It’s time to end child marriage now

Just this last year, 12 million girls’ childhoods, dreams, and educations were cut short. This is unjust. All children are made in God’s image and are worthy of dignity, respect, and opportunities to thrive. It’s time to protect and empower girls everywhere. It’s time for justice. 

Call on governments to ban child marriage, implement existing laws, and fund services to prevent and respond to child marriage. 

The reasons that child marriages occur are varied.

Poverty and child marriage are closely linked to one another. Other factors that play a role include inadequate enforcement of laws as well as harmful social norms and practices; but gender inequality is at their root.

The difference you can make

Empowering women and girls as agents of change and experts on their own lives is crucial to ending child marriage. The key to change isn’t by finding someone to blame — it’s working with communities where the practice is common and walking alongside girls and women, listening to their voices and championing their cause to those in power.

It’s time for justice. It’s time to end child marriage now.

These girls deserve more

Unless we accelerate our efforts to end child marriage, over 100 million more girls will be married in the next 10 years. Due to the secondary impacts of COVID-19, this number will likely be much higher.

Why World Vision

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