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AIM Health Plus -   Transforming communities through digital innovation
AIM Health Plus

AIM Health Plus - Digital Health Brief

Transforming communities through digital innovation

A multi-year digital health experience in four African countries


The Access to Infant and Maternal Health Plus Project (AIM Health Plus) was a community-based health and nutrition programme implemented by World Vision and supported by Irish Aid. The programme addressed the most common causes of preventable deaths during pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood in four sub-Saharan countries—Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda. The project strongly supported community health worker (CHW) programming by strengthening their counselling skills, case tracking and reporting capabilities by equipping them with a digital health application that ran on Dimagi’s CommCare platform.  


This report highlights AIM Health Plus’ digital health achievements and learnings through the programme’s closure in December 2022. These include CHW clients’ appreciation of several merits of the digital tool, a link between greater exposure to a CHW using the digital tool and positive health outcomes in Mauritania and Sierra Leone, and a wide range of learnings tied to budget and operations as well as partnering, interoperability, and scalability.