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Today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders

How a World Vision-sponsored programme is creating young leaders in Lebanon.

Youth in Lebanon are generally aware of the relevant issues that affect their well-being. They are in a continuous search for ways to help their families, communities and country.

The Youth RESOLVE Consortium funded by the European Union’s Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the “EU MADAD” Fund, and implemented by World Vision in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Beqaa, empowers youth to become leading actors in their communities. Youth aged 16 to 30 are encouraged to form Youth Committees and actively engage with their municipalities to strengthen social stability.

Youth in Douris break barriers in cooperation with the local authorities

“Our youth are fearless, brave and dynamic, and they have a great energy to shape a better community,” says Chafic, Public Relations Coordinator and member of the Douris municipality in Bekaa.

Douris has people from different religions and origins living together.

“The population in Douris is comprised of around 15,000 Lebanese and 4,000 Syrian refugees. Nearly 50% of them are youth, and this committee consists of youth from different backgrounds."

"I am proud of them as they are cooperating together and breaking all the barriers to better serve their community”, adds Chafic.

“They are currently receiving trainings on local governance, and they working on assessing the community needs. They also volunteered with World Vision and helped in distributing hygiene kits and food parcels,” Chafic highlights.

Youth in Aley aim towards a better future

“A better future for the region cannot be possible without our youth, this is the importance of this programme that is providing a space for our youth to express themselves."

"In addition, it's providing support in order to meaningfully and systematically be involved in decision making that is affecting our lives”, says Mona, Aley municipality Public Relations Coordinator.  

“I'm amazed by their creativity. They are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate positive social change. They're very enthusiastic about the Youth RESOLVE programme”, adds Mona.

“I believe this programme can provide them with the tools and skills and help them to assess the needs of their communities - this is what we need in Aley."

"They're working together on many projects that can benefit the community,” Mona emphasises.

Despite today’s social instability in Lebanon, Youth Committees in Douris and Aley are becoming strong leading actors in their respective communities to strengthen resilience and work towards a better future.

The programme targets 250 young people through interactive sessions and activities in partnership with municipalities. It aims at giving youth the opportunity to express their talent, creativity and energy in order to improve their environment and make an active contribution towards a stronger, more inclusive society.

Your donations will help us continue to fund more youth-centred governance training programmes in the world's most unstable places.

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