Timed and Targeted Counselling

In Mundemu, Tanzania, is a hardworking family of six with a special, year-old addition: Christina. Mum, Janeth, is a dedicated poultry farmer, and Dad, Augustino, is a charcoal maker and farmer. Access to health services has not been easy for this family but with the support of a World Vision trained Community Health Worker named Ester, healthcare for Janeth and Christina is much less of a concern.

Ester has been trained on Timed and Targetted Counselling (ttC) through World Vision Ireland’s maternal and child health programme, AIM Health Plus. She has been significant support to Janeth throughout her pregnancy and Christina’s first year, ensuring that Janeth and Augustino have the nutrition and health knowledge necessary to keep baby Christina healthy and strong.

Since meeting Ester, Christina has had all her vital vaccinations and Janeth no longer struggles to breastfeed despite limited access to all five food groups. She now understands the importance of breastfeeding and complementary feeding of readily available liquified foods such as rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables to keep Christina a healthy little girl.

Janeth also mentioned how she enjoys breastfeeding as a bonding experience between herself and her daughter, Christina. Augustino is also being a great help as he makes sure to collect water and firewood to meet his family’s daily needs.

It is always encouraging to see the wonderful progress made my mums, babies and families alike through our maternal and child health programme, AIM Health Plus! Operating in Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Mauritania, AIM Health Plus brings pregnant and new mothers important nutrition and health messages to ensure the health of both themselves and their children.

This work is made possible by the generous support of Irish Aid and the people of Ireland: thank you.