World Vision Ireland - EBOVAC

Ebola Vaccine Programme – EBODAC Salone

World Vision Ireland is playing a key role, as part of a consortium, in supporting an Ebola vaccine trial called ‘EBODAC-Salone’ in Sierra Leone. Our partners in the consortium are Janssen Pharmaceuticals, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Grameen Foundation. 

As part of this vaccine trial World Vision Ireland has worked closely with consortium partners to develop innovative new communication strategies and tools to support EBODAC-Salone. Mobile phone technology is being used to provide volunteers in the study with relevant information about the vaccine regimen. Reminders are sent through mobile phones to those receiving the ‘prime- boost’ vaccine to return to get their second ‘boost’ dose. 

EBODAC-Salone also uses a unique biometric kit that scans the eyes of volunteers and takes their finger prints, so that all participants can be easily identified throughout the trial period  - World Vision is playing a key role in the deployment and use of this important technology. 

As part of the consortium, World Vision is working with the local communities,  helping to address the stigma surrounding Ebola, coupled with a suspicion of vaccines in general that may deter people from getting vaccinated. 

Our staff are also working closely with the  Ministry of Health to assist in the implementation of EBODAC-Salone and, if successful, the subsequent deployment of the vaccine. 

To find out more about EBODAC- Salone go to http://www.ebovac.org/ebodac/