Devastated regions in Haiti receive urgent aid.

Family home in ruins in Les Cayes, Haiti’s southern peninsula.
Family home in ruins in Les Cayes, Haiti’s southern peninsula.

World Vision sent a five-truck convoy on Monday 23rd of September, and earlier that week sent via helicopter essential goods to ensure the survival of thousands of families who lost their homes to the devastating 7.2 earthquake that rattled Haiti on August 14.

“In the aftermath of this catastrophe ... people must eat, and they need to ensure the best hygienic conditions possible to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases even amid such devastation," said Marcel Viscarra, National Director of World Vision Haiti.

With assistance of national authorities to secure road access to the affected areas, World Vision deployed trucks with 1,748 mattresses and 682 kitchen sets. “We are trying to ensure that children and their families sleep in better conditions, not on the floor, nor on wet surfaces, as many currently are. Besides, kitchen sets will help families to prepare meals, an essential necessity in these initial stages of the emergency,” explained Viscarra.

“This is just the beginning of a journey to rebuild the country. Children were supposed to start school in September; however, the infrastructure is gone. World Vision is committed in the long term to ensure opportunities and brighter futures for children and their families. We ask you to donate to continue our work on the field."

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