The top 10 fundraising tips you need to know

Girl lean against a tree

Wherever you are and whatever you’re passionate about, you can have fun raising money for World Vision.

The hard work of people like you is how World Vision has reached more than 200 million people worldwide - and how we’ll transform the lives of millions more. 

We’ll support you every step of the way if you decided to fundraise. But to get you started, we’ve laid out our top tips for raising as much money as possible for some of the most vulnerable children in the world.  

1.Choose a challenge

Pick a challenge that’s right for you, by focusing on skills or hobbies personal to you. If you’re not a keen runner, do a 5k run or walk - but if you’re always stomping the pavements, pick a marathon! People are always more generous when they know you’re doing something out of your comfort zone. You could also pick to do the challenge to mark a special birthday or event.

2. List your potential donors

Make a list of family and friends, church goers, community groups or your local sports teams or workplaces. Many of our amazing fundraisers speak at their local church or rotary club or bring a bucket to work! You could scour your Whatsapp list or Facebook page to find the biggest groups or best contacts.

3. Set a target

Set a target that's ambitious but also realistic. Having a goal that is ambitious but that also feels achievable, challenges your friends, family, colleagues, and donors to dig deeper. 

4. Get online

Set up a page on a fundraising platform, so as many people as possible can donate with the click of a button. Make the page personal by using a photo of you, telling people why you’re doing it and why the cause matters to you.

5. Promote, promote, promote!

Tell your friends and family about your fundraiser, encouraging them to support you and to share your fundraising page. You can use social media, email and Whatsapp to get the message out - sharing photos and videos of your progress towards your challenge.

6. Check in

Take a step back and look at your original list of groups and friends and family - have you contacted all of them? Look at the way you’ve asked for donations. Could you make the page more appealing?

7. Update

Keep your donors and potential givers updated with your progress, encouraging them to chip in more or tell friends about your fundraising page. You can update your fundraising page and use social media, email and Whatsapp - sharing photos and videos of your progress towards your challenge.

8. Get in touch

We’re always happy to help you raise as much money as possible. You can get in touch and we’ll give you some ideas and advice! 

9. Challenge others

Encourage friends to fundraise with you, sharing your knowledge to boost their fundraising skills. If you’re doing a sporting challenge, you could get people to do it alongside you and double the network of friends and family that can be asked.

10. Say thanks!

Thank everyone for supporting you. Check our website or get in touch for some great stories to show what a difference the money is making to the world’s most vulnerable children. We’ll also send you a certificate to say thank you and you can get customisable certificates and thank you cards to send to your donors.