As an overseas aid agency, we thrive on being able to

respond very quickly to a disaster.

On the ground, we do everything we can to ensure that children are taken care of - whether that means immediate medical
attention, physical care in terms of providing food, clean water, and shelter,
or mental care by establishing a child-friendly spaces.




We cannot do this without your support.

We rely heavily on the generosity of the Irish public, and a fun and fruitful way of being involved is to host your own event. Whether that’s taking part in a marathon, or a fun run, or holding a bake sale in your office, we’ll be delighted to hear your ideas, and support them in any way we can!

For more information about hosting your own event, please contact and we would be delighted to help! 








fundraising events





Inspiring and informative events

Some of the ways in which we share our work is by holding a variety of inspiring and informative events around the country.

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