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Anna, her Mother and Ester's, Anne is holding baby Ester

Healthy and Strong

Last year we checked up on mum of five and poultry farmer, Anna, in Mundemu, Tanzania, to see how both she and her beautiful baby Ester were getting on and they are thriving!

It was so encouraging to see that the support that Anna receives from her Community Health Worker has paid off. Not only was one-year-old Ester healthy and strong but she has been vaccinated; something which her mum values hugely as lifetime protection against different diseases.

Anna took heed of her Community Health Worker’s advice and is now feeding Ester breastmilk and complementary foods in a liquid form, such as rice, porridge, meat, and other locally available fruits and vegetables. Anna’s husband is a great support too as he always tries to bring home fresh fruit and vegetables for his growing family.

It’s only up from here for Anna, baby Ester and family! We can’t wait to visit them again soon.

*Poor nutrition is linked to almost half (45%) of children’s deaths under the age of five. To lessen these preventable deaths, World Vision Ireland is training and supporting over 2,000 Community Health Workers in Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Mauritania, to empower pregnant and new mums with important health and nutrition knowledge. Through our Irish Aid funded maternal and child health programme, AIM Health Plus, Community Health Workers are making a difference daily in the lives of many mums and babies.

Lives could not be changed without the generous support of Irish Aid and the people of Ireland. From World Vision Ireland and beyond; thank you.