SAUTI Announcement

Effective participation by young people in Climate Policy Decision-making is essential for Climate Justice

A healthy environment and equitable access to ecosystem goods and services is crucial for sustainable development, but they are increasingly threatened.  There is no country that is not experiencing the drastic effects of climate change and unfortunately the injustice of climate change means those least responsible are most vulnerable to the impacts, most often women, children and youth.  By 2030, Africa and Europe are projected to be the continents with the largest increase in youth population and although miles apart these youth share the same concerns regarding climate change. The effective participation by young people in Climate Policy Decision-making is essential for Climate Justice, however youth involvement in decision making processes continues to be a challenge.


In response to this challenge World Vision Ireland, in conjunction with Youth Work Ireland, Galway and World Vision Tanzania will implement a joint climate action in Ireland and Tanzania aimed at increasing youth involvement in local governance for climate action.
SAUTI-Youth (Sustainable Actions Uniting Tanzanian and Irish Youth) is a new initiative funded by the European Commission. The programme is one of 7 funded as part of the
AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub.


SAUTI is also the Swahili word for voice and it is the empowerment of youth to be strong voices in and for their communities and to monitor government commitments on climate action that will bring about this programme’s results.  This programme will utilize our Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) model, adapting it for youth engagement. The programme which will be implemented in Tanga, Tanzania and Galway, Ireland will enable youth to engage directly with local government in relation to youth appropriate climate actions. Overall the programme aims to have empowered youth monitoring, engaging and influencing government on climate change and sharing lessons from both contexts. Uniting youth from Europe and Africa through this programme will allow for a growth in supporting a global youth perspective on climate change adaptation and mitigation.


World Vision Ireland is excited to launch this programme in January 2020.